My Gallery of Work

Below are a few examples of just some of my best work. Scroll through to see my step by step journey to complete each piece. 

If you are interested in a particular medium please use the following links.


Black Pug

This was a customer commission of their friend's dog that had sadly passed away. It was a lovely gift idea, it gave the owner a little something to remember his furry friend by.

This painting has been completed in acrylic paint, to see my journey and step by step process of completing this dog please continue to scroll through this photo thread.

Jack Russell Jimmy

This is my dog, Jimmy. While I was studying pet portraiture I was asked to study many different mediums, this was one of my first coloured pencil pieces.

I love my dog so this probably won't surprise you that this is one of my favourite pieces. I have it up in my husband's office and it is also my company logo. Please scroll through to see my progress when drawing this piece.

Ginger Cat

Coloured pencil piece, a5 size. One of the smaller pieces I have completed and I finished it within 2 days. 

2 days is very fast completion for a piece of art but if you select a small layout, a simple headshot and with a plain background it can be done. It is something to keep in mind if you are buying a drawing last-minute as a gift.

Cat Eyes

For this piece, I focused on the very striking eyes of this cat. It has been completed in acrylic paint.

Eyes can be very tricky sometimes but I really enjoyed trying to capture the depth and colour.


Sometimes I think it is a fun challenge to try different animals. It doesn't always have to be traditional dog or cat.

This fox looks like he's got a cheeky look on his face, it was fun drawing him. This drawing has been completed in coloured pencils. 

Playtime Dog

This painting was one of my first when studying using acrylic paint, the focus here is on the orange ball.

I want you as a customer to feel comfortable to request extras like for example including your pets favourite toy,

it is always good practice to try new things when painting.

Always Improving

When studying pet portraits your tutor will give everyone the same example image so they can see what your starting skill level is. My starting example image was this dog. I actually did this drawing twice, once at the start of the course and again 6 months later.

What a big progression I saw, I defiantly felt like I had learnt a lot and I am encouraged to continue and keep learning.

This image is of my second attempt 6 months later, to see my progression please scroll through this image thread on the right.

Brown Horse

This is probably the most challenging piece have completed to date. Horses have a very different texture than dogs and cats.
If you are looking to commission a pet portrait, remember to not limit your request to just typical pets I offer a range of styles and will be happy to give any pet a go.
This piece was completed in acrylic paint and is a3 size.

Friendly Rabbit

This piece has been completed in coloured pencil's, a4 size.

Feel free to scroll through my step by step images, if you look closely you should just see the sky and horizon reflected in her eye.