Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. 

If you have a question not listed here please do get in contact with me. 

Q - Can I have more than one animal in the painting or drawing?

A - Of course. With each addition to the piece, the workload does double. This will be reflected in the price and of course, it will take longer to complete but yes I am always happy to add more pets to the piece. Paintings or drawings with more than one animal can only be sized in medium or large.

Q - Does my pet portrait have to be a dog or a cat? 

A - No. I love painting different animals and welcome customers with different or unusual pets.

Q - Will the painting of my pet be safe during shipping?

A - I, of course, can not guarantee that something will arrive undamaged but I do promise to try my very best to package every piece up as well possible. All art is shipped with four pieces of double-walled cardboard, a layer of bubble wrap and a double-layer of parcel paper to keep it safe during transit. Each parcel is shipped using 48h tracked service by Roal Mail. 

Q - What if my order takes longer than expected? 

A - I will always try to keep you updated on my progress as I go. If a piece is a little tricker than expected and I need more time I will always let you know. In the very unlikely event that I am extremely late delivering a piece, a discount or refund may be discussed. 

Q - If I order more than one piece of work from Art by Elizabeth Robinson can I have a discount?

A - Currently I am offering an introductory offer on commissions, so they are already low prices compared to other pet portrait artist but a discount may be possible on a customer by customer basis.


Q - I am concerned about COVID19, tell me about the precautions you have put in place. 

A - I, of course, am as concerned as you. I currently sanitize my work area and home frequently and I regularly practise social distancing. If I or anyone in my household was to fall ill with COVID19 I would book a test immediately. If the test was to come back positive I would inform you the customer straight away and offer to complete the piece at a later date when I am finished with self-isolation or offer a full refund.

Q - Can I see your artwork in person? 

A - Currently due you social distancing restrictions the answer is no. But in the future, I plan to attend local and national events to exhibit my work. Please subscribe to this website on "Contact Me" page to keep up to date with events, offers and more.

Q - How long should I expect to wait for my piece of art? 

A - Processing time can vary depending on how many customers paintings I am currently working on, which medium I am working with and size. I would say on average for a small piece there would be a 1-2 week wait, medium size 2-3 week wait and large possibly a 2-4 week wait.  

Q - Can I have an electronic copy of the art? 

A - I currently do not offer a scanned electronic version of any art. I will often take a photo to share on my social media pages which you are welcome to also share. The copyright of my art is held with me and you are not permitted to distribute copies of my work without permission.

Q - What if I don't want the art in the end? 

A - If in the event that you do not wish to purchase the commissioned artwork you may refuse. In that case, I will retain the refused artwork and the non-refundable deposit and you not owe any additional fees.

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